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Many of our customers are regulars here at Tommy's Inn At Millstone Family Restaurant/Bar because there is simply no resisting finely prepared foods at amazing prices. We get to know many of our patrons on a first name basis. They love to bring their friends and family members here and show them the excellent meals that we offer.

In our restaurant, you will find a clean, sanitary, and great atmosphere in which to gather with friends over a delectable meal. When you want to eat out but do so on a budget, we are a great choice. Our restaurant in Millstone, NJ is known for amazing dishes at reasonable prices. Here are a few features that make us a favorite in Millstone, NJ and the surrounding areas:

• Dinner Specials—We always have a special dish at a special price here at Tommy's Inn At Millstone Family Restaurant/Bar.

• Fine Cuisine—You will find items on our menu that you would find in a fancy bistro or café, but priced much lower.

• Catering—You can hire us to cater your event, no matter how large or small.

• Amazing Chefs—We have a varied staff of professional chefs with different food specialties, so that we can offer an array of cuisines authentically.

All of our dishes are carefully prepared and taste tested before we put them on the menu. We are a family-owned business entity, so we can strictly control the quality of our food and service.

We promise that you will find a dish that you will love when you eat with us. Come in tonight, and try out one of our dish specials!

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